Fillon and education: liberal and reactionary We thought we had said everything about the program of “Republicans” on the school after Primary.

Fillon and education: liberal and reactionary We thought we had said everything about the program of "Republicans" on the school after Primary. The Francois Fillon seemed program known (and readable on its website or advertised in a long interview with SOS education) and it was already worrying. But it seems that it is still hard. This is in Besancon March 9 (see excerpt of the video at the bottom of this text) that the candidate has held a more radical program based on job cuts, the sorting of students, the return to "fundamentals" and even the uniform. It comes almost to wonder where are the differences with that of Le Pen … A demagogic and reactionary program, far from what he promoted when he was Minister of Education. There are long, long time … Changing costume. Fillon was Minister of Education in 2004-2005. It was under his responsibility that is passed the second major orientation law after the Jospin Act of 1989 and before the 2013 so-called "re-foundation of law." It is this "Fillon Act" that will establish the first "common base" organized in seven skills. We also found there confirmed the logic of the cycles that goes against repetition. The common base was located in the extension of single College Rene Haby (1975) to give all the same training until the age of sixteen. Although historians tell us that the Fillon Act is mostly logical product which escaped in part to the Minister exercise (Consultation Thelot, European recommendations and the High Council of the evaluation of the School …) it does not rest unless the contrast between what was setting up the education Minister and what today advocates Fillon candidate. These are proposals which even challenge the Gaullist legacy. At this level of denial is more than about face, it’s a costume change … The "pretentious pedagogists" "These organizations that block for years the School’s reforms are committing a crime against the youth and they should respond to the French company. This is not the competence and dedication of the teachers who is involved; this is the resignation of the State before the unions, is the dictatorship of a caste of pretentious pedagogists, and these are networks of power within the National Education responsible for this disaster. "C ‘ So says Francois Fillon at a meeting in Lyon, November 22, 2016. But it is not just about stand. We remember that Fillon had already spoken of "pretentious teachers during the final debate of the first round of the primary from the right. And this phrase is found almost unchanged in a long interview that the former prime minister gave the SOS Education movement. It is not even to speak of "murderers of the School," but it is clear that he has read the book Carole Barjon and he supports his speech on the search for scapegoats that would cause all the ills of the School. In this, he is very close to Nicolas Sarkozy who kept addressing the harm the spirit of 68 and his "mad pedagogy" but also of Marine Le Pen, who gets speech the same refrain. Flashback "repeal", "delete", "Rewrite" are, like other candidates, verbs found repeatedly in the educational program. In his speech of Besancon, Francois Fillon confirms its determination to remove the key reforms of the quinquennium: school timetables, college programs … "Repeal the college reform and review the programs by structuring around two educational components: 1. deepening fundamental (French and mathematics, science and history-geography); 2. physical education and openness to the world (languages, civics, digital, arts education, professional discovery). "We also announced the return of bilangues and European classes. So we are not only in the end of the reform of college (as advocated by Le Pen and Jean-Luc Melenchon) but with the restructuring program is also in abandoning the common ground as it exists. "Allow local authorities decide on the organization of school time in primary school. As such, they can return to the reform of school rhythms and foster a time for homework after class. "Another sentence read in the program of the candidate of the right and center. But not only since found this proposal at Macron, Pen and Melenchon. As for the programs is the main object of the vindication of F. Fillon. It seems obsessed with the teaching of history and a "national narrative" which amounts to many, many times in his speeches. He puts indeed in what he calls the "fundamentals" of the "key dates and major figures in the history of the Nation" and he proposes to "rewrite history and French as the college under the authority of ‘academicians’. And more broadly it proposes to "abolish the Board of programs whose choices and Jargonnant language does not contribute to the recovery of our education system" More broadly, Francois Fillon therefore wants the school to transmit basic knowledge. It provides for it to move forward compulsory education to 5 years instead of 6 for "another year learning to read", "to devote three quarters of classroom time learning to read, the writing, numeracy, great people and great dates in France "and" to end the ban on homework in elementary school. " At the end of school and at the end of college, an assessment would determine the passage in the upper level. The patent would become an entrance exam in high school. For tray, as found in other candidates (Macron) a desire for simplification by limiting to four written tests and the rest in training in control. Sorting Note also the proposed cancellation of back benefits, family allowances and scholarships to families of poor attendance students – who would be sent to specialized institutions in the school reintegration. "I want students who are permanently excluded by the Disciplinary Board, are enrolled in suitable institutions to change their behavior and get back on the path of fundamental academic learning." ". Basically, it’s called a garbage industry … Learning is a key concept of the program because it proposes "to mobilize the country for 15 years learning and redeploy funds for jobs helped to aid to businesses to encourage hiring of apprentices and to increase their salaries "and thus" doubling the number of young people on work. " As I already pointed in other texts, the problem is who is facing these sections. It is NEVER the children of the most disadvantaged social categories … Behind the "taste" for study or manual work, hide social inequalities … For one who was Minister of Education from March 2004 May 2005 under Jacques Chirac, France "must have an educational system that promotes the values ??of excellence and merit, against the current of egalitarianism desired by the left" as he explains on its website. By establishing an early sorting, closing the field of possibilities. Behind the alibi of "merit" it is in the acceptance of social determinism and a kind of fatalism: there would be deserving and other … Forgetting that merit is a social construct and as a way to justify the inequalities We can say that these are the sacrifices that characterize this program and especially the renunciation of ambition of the single college with the establishment of an early recycling denying the very legacy of the Haby law and Gaullism. The choice of private "If private education gives good results, we have no reason to want to do without it, and we should even loosen the shackles that limit its scope. For a quarter of a century, the share of private schools under contract is limited to 20%. We must ask the question of whether to return to this constraint, especially if there arise increasingly in all social strata, a will to free choice [...]. I submit this issue to thinking that it will take time "and later in the same speech (Besancon, 9 March), he recalled his visit to a school of Hope network Suburbs (private off-contract) that it presents as a model. "In areas of rural revitalization and sensitive urban areas, the state will support the creation of public or private institutions Independent and innovative," and he also proposes to help "The state will no longer oppose this new educational provision outcome of the civil society; it will facilitate their work and help them. " Fillon wants to promote the development of private schools in deplafonnant the funds allocated to them by the state as he already expressed in a passage of his book "Making" (Albin Michel in October 2015). Finally, more recently we learn that he has also financially support schools not under contract (in sensitive areas) using a portion of the 65 million euros allocated to education associations. We also note in passing that the lowering of compulsory education to five years given the current funding rules, could lead mechanically to pay up to 2 billion euros in addition to private education. We know that Francois Fillon was able to organize its rally at the Trocadero with the help of Common Sense, a kind of "tea party" French. But this movement which organized the demonstrations against marriage for all is also very close to schools outside developers contract and the Foundation for the School Anne Coffinier. A tit for tat: a common practice for one who has many friends not so disinterested that … Uniforms and authority costumes for some, even for others … "Me I’m a primary school that transmits the values ??and basic knowledge. I want a school of respect and homework help
authority symbolized by the wearing of the uniform, "Francois Fillon launched at the summer school of the Republicans in La Baule, on 3 September. Since the proposal, smelling of false nostalgia for a school that never existed (there has never been a mandatory uniform in France) and resumed at each meeting. But outside of this symbol, what does it really? Not much … The affirmation of the "restoration" of authority is a posture that adorns some statements such as this: "establish a behavioral assessment of the student in college to take into account classroom attendance, the rules of the institution, respect for others and first teachers and educators, politeness, caring for the sick and disabled students taking responsibility. "The authority also requires the sanction as the candidate of the Right also provides for the exclusion of students who disrupt the lives of middle and high schools, as well as family allowances suspended for absenteeism. Autonomy and competition for heads of institutions managers. Another key feature of the program focuses on institutional autonomy. "I revaloriserai teacher salaries taking into account merit and asking them to be more present in the facility. I confide gradually to principals of the second degree choosing their personal … ", he announced in one of his last speeches. The conception of autonomy that emerges proposals Francois Fillon is that of increased power given to principals managers who would not only with recruitment can also pay by merit awards. It should also relate it to his will to want to open the "shackles" of segmentation and thus the school board. It says it wants to "protect the freedom of parents to choose to enroll their children in public schools or private schools." All this can be read as a competition between institutions. Teachers are public servants (creating debt) in the candidate’s austerity program is planned removal of 500,000 civil service jobs and returning to 39 hours for the public service. Logically, half should be found in Education. This is consistent with the increase in 24% of the working time of teachers institution promised by F Fillon. He also wants to push the exams throughout the month of July to maintain ongoing throughout June. Finally, versatility in the secondary (one teacher for science and one for literature and geography history in 6th and 5th) is also a way to save money. At the primary of the Right in November 2016, Francois Fillon had already emerged as one of the most conservative candidates on many points. Since then he has yet hardened his speech. In the field of education in particular, the points of convergence with the Marine Le Pen program are numerous. This is a reactionary and backward-looking project and even comes to deny the achievements of the Right (!) One can also see a liberal will set up a managerial logic and a deconstruction of the public education service to the private sector. Philippe Watrelot speech Besancon March 9, 2017 Presidential 2017: Tickets devoted to education programs of the candidates – Marine Le Pen – Emmanuel Macron – Benoit Hamon – Jean-Luc Melenchon – Francois Fillon + synthesis: education in the country: the scrambled cleavages This work is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License – Noncommercial – Share in Same Conditions 3.0 France. Posted by Watrelot on Monday, April 3, 2017