When only the evening, in retirement, writes music, he has a natural talent.

If it’s just an hour intensive work, well done. Marica joking …”. Not really, we know it has always been sports. “I did everything, I was riding, I was doing the kilometers on mountain bikes (even 10!) With my father terrified that followed me in the car, I loved rollerblading and going around like crazy.

Then it was karate, opened a school close to home and I introduced myself: I won three regional and two national podiums, I took two bronze medals. It was my passion. and when, 15 years old, we moved from Porto Cervo to Cagliari for my father’s work ( Enzo, architect and urban planner) I had to give up and I is the vein is closed, did not speak and see no one.

Then I gave myself to football, I auditioned for Quartu Sant’Elena, Series C women’s football, played on left wing, have taken to me. on the beach in Cagliari still remember me: 20 years I’d only kick in the head, kicks, feints, goals. I calmed down now. ” A tomboy … “Yes! I have two brothers and true calciofila I am. There are pictures at home with Maximilian (small) with the stroller and doll and I with the ball!

Yet I started with gymnastics was also brought but I preferred football, cars … I also had the barbie, but all ended badly shaven, with brightly colored hair, hands and feet eaten. ” Now playing football with Kevin and Maddox? “Yes, often, at the beach or in the garden. They are rusty, do what I can … (laughs). Obviously commands Maddox wants to do more goals, occasionally however gets in the door.

It knows no other roles … and decides him as it takes sides … “.  Melissa Satta, 32 years. Melissa Satta, 32 years. How to get Milan in his life? “When you’re young girl with the flow, the team of the moment.

At first I was of Rome, 10 years I had a complement of Totti, then I converted to AC Milan, it was Milan Milan: Sheva, Gattuso, Maldini, Dida, Kaka . a great Milan. Now at night I have to put to bed Maddox, but I always follow. If there’s Baby, we look at it together. ” Baby, your name as well. always speak English? “When I met him, yes, I did not know a word of Italian, now speaks very well.

He knows six languages, has brought, and Maddox took from him.” But the Sassuolo distracts from his Milan … “Definitely yes. They are very good parties and not for luck. They are a good group, Kevin has brought that experience that serves to a young team.

Not by chance are gone at the Allianz Stadium and 7-0 last year, this year ended 2-1 and could pareggiarla or win it, because they conceded two goals but not stupid, more. and then they have a coach who makes them play … it seems Barcelona between a bit ‘, make a crazy ball possession. I do not know how it will end, but they have very big potential and that is what has convinced Kevin.

There is behind a family that believes in what he does and does it well. ” He came back for you … “Milan is home for us, but in Frankfurt I was fine, we would have stayed another year. I reckoned from the start it would be a life with a suitcase”. It is not easy for a small child, but moms have infinite resources.

It is true that you are trained. She was born in Boston, grew up in Sardinia, studied in Milan. He was born in Berlin and in 13 years has changed four countries and 10 teams.

Two globetrotters. “I have traveled a lot for work of my, in America I always go back and willingly. But now with a child, is considerably more complicated. In recent years I have made so many removals …

Change home, school, environment: you do not have peace. But we women are like that, we take matters in hand and manage it. I have always been independent, since www.1xbet.com childhood, I’ve never been a mammon “. Melissa satta, Maddox, 4 years and Boateng, 31. Kevin helps, he says that does not leave the house even a sock … “Oh well, now ends that you can iron the shirts.

We have the facts straight. When wants is very good, take, reorders the wardrobe, organizing. but I’ve never seen a light bulb, knows how to move in the kitchen but in almost seven years will have cooked twice … he used this opportunity, because I’m here. ” She loves it to his wife? “Very much. Keep everything under control, the house tidy, clean and arranged, ready for lunch and dinner, make him feel good and my son are almost manic.” Why him and not another?

What is special? “Well, it’s a nice guy, but you do not stop at that, he’s a nice mix. It’s German, punctual, precise, square for certain things, but there’s blood Ghana, loves to dance, sing, play, has the joy and serenity that come from Africa. and this is her beautiful. ” You are the most glamorous couple of Italian football. “Wow! We have two strong personalities. We are manufactured individually and later in pairs, it is perhaps that it works.” Boateng and Melissa Satta.

But he is also a bit ‘crazy and does not hide it. There tales one? “I will never forget our first Christmas. It was 2011. We met in late September, during the fashion week. I was doing Kalispera were recording and also 26 to 27 December.

I told him: ‘Go on vacation, I only two days and go to Sardinia from my ‘. he left with his brother Jerome to Miami, but I … I found myself at home. he did not have the courage to come alone, it is arranged with two of my friends and my brother . it was beautiful, but also risky. my parents did not know him … A beautiful proof of love. ” And how did you respond? “When I met him I had just bought a house in Milan, but I went to live at his subitissimo.

If I had said it before, I would have sworn it was impossible. But Kevin was able to pull off what I did not expect. From one I would not have succeeded.

My friends call me the iceberg. he taught me how to draw out the feelings, to live without thinking too much. Moreover, being together means better themselves. This is the best gift that made me. ” Boateng with his son Maddox. And she gave him Maddox. “I never thought of becoming a mother so soon, and instead has happened. I, precise as they are, waiting for the right time.

But he was right Kevin, you can work and be a mother. In the end when you’re comfortable with a person, you let go. Luckily”. The smile of his son is the most beautiful thing? “He’s all good … It looks like a lot to his dad, colors apart (because it is blond with blue eyes), has amber skin and walk like him …

From the back are the same. They have the same passions, football and music. And when there is, he tells me: mom, I’m in charge now! “. You can dance at home? “They sing and dance a bit ‘of everything. At home the music never fails.

Maddox is obsessed with Drake, Kiki do you love me … obviously you know by heart King, the single from Kevin.”  Melissa Satta, 32 years. Melissa Satta, 32 years. She has never had a fixed? “No. Now of course my favorite singer Kevin! The number one: dancing and singing much better than me.

I will say that I refrain from singing their own. But he raps, sings, it is a real passion. When only the evening, in retirement, writes music, he has a natural talent. I do TV, but he is the real showman. I do not exclude that one day, closed with football, will go on stage. ” And she had it not become Melissa? “I did the reporter or lawyer, pain in the ass as they are.

For the manager of a football team there is still time. Or he prosecutor and I to treat the assisted” picture. What mom? “Very present, but without anxiety.

I leave him free to make his own experiences. I have a nanny who helps me when I’m gone for many days comes to the rescue grandmother Mariangela, my mom, but when you do not work, I’m alone with him and we are well”. Three things I will try to explain life. “That must be tough and not be walked at the head, but you have to respect others and the world in which we live.” Labor, he said. Leads Father of the Bride of A5, closed with Tiki Taka, is already Those that football …

The ball chases. At one point, it might have become a beautiful hyena. What do you expect from the TV? “Fourteen years later Striscia la Notizia, I’m still here and I’m happy with what I did.

There is time to do the Hyena, to grow again and I want to do it.” After years of costumed walkways to Calzedonia and a Sports Illustrated theme, here Changit his first collection. She is from one-piece swimsuit or two pieces? “The whole is perfect when I do wake boarding. What then can also be a whole sexy. In the collection I wanted them both: design because they are not as capable, but I contribute in search of patterns, fabrics, prints.

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